enable ...

  • ... an optimum interaction between CAD and MES systems with the production plants;
  • ... a reduction of the coordination and administration effort along the entire planning, production and assembly process;
  • ... the clear traceability through the building model and the building cycle and all of that in real time.

new data standard

for the precast parts industry


While different data formats and interfaces presently dominate the market, we are playing a leading role - together with the most important industry partners in the concrete precast parts industry - in working on a uniform data standard. The aim of the IFC4precast working group is to promote the open exchange of data in the concrete precast parts industry and bring it forward. Entirely in the spirit of the OpenBIM concept, the interaction of different IT systems is to be simplified in the future with a universal basis and thereby raise the entire industry to a higher and more professional level in the area of the data interchange model.


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