enable ...

  • ... an optimum interaction between CAD and MES systems with the production plants;
  • ... a reduction of the coordination and administration effort along the entire planning, production and assembly process;
  • ... the clear traceability through the building model and the building cycle and all of that in real time.

new data standard

for the precast parts industry


With the new IFC4precast data standard, interface problems are finally a thing of the past. As the first interface of its kind, the industry-wide universal database contains 3D model information including complete geometries as well as defined unique IDs for the description of precast parts. Precast Software Engineering is the first CAD software developer how provides its users with a complete IFC4precast data export via TIM (Technical Information Manager).


Who is IFC4precast?

Building SMART / working group IFC4precast

Under the patronage of BuildingSMART the leading industry partners of the precast parts industry have joined forces into a joint working group with the aim to promote and push forward open data exchange in the precast parts industry. Entirely in the spirit of the Open BIM concept the interaction of different IT systems is to be simplified and thereby raise the entire industry to a higher and more professional level in the area of the data interchange model.

Functionalities of the interface

  • IFC4precast enables a clear structure and an exact assignment of the fixtures and reinforcement to the elements.
  • With IFC4precast multiple layers of an element each with its own reinforcement and fixtures can be depicted.
  • Specifically defined Unique IDs enable the uniform description of precast parts.
  • IFC4precast data can be read completely – including geometries – with all common 3D viewers.

Interface IFC4precast

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