About us

For more than 30 years, we have been supporting our customers with know-how from the industry with concrete precast parts planning. Our solutions offer automation and the highest efficiency for all types of precast parts.


Our highly qualified team is comprised of more than 50 specialists, more than half of which are programmers and IT specialists. In addition to this, civil engineers and consultants from technical support and sales look after the concerns of our customers.


Through and with the global leading precast parts manufacturers and industry partners, we take on a technological forerunner role. Several milestones in our technological development:

  • the first PC-based CAD program for slabs,
  • the first fully automated production drawing,
  • the generation of production data for the first high-speed carousel system worldwide,
  • the calculation of data and reinforcement for the first mesh welding robot in a precast parts plant.


Technical advisory, development and support are only one door away from one another. We can take the path to the ideal software solution together with you at any time. True to the motto “From the industry for the industry”, customer requests flow into the programming with us and benefit our customers via updates.


Transforming your challenges into your success is my motivation.

One of the present challenges in the precast parts factory is the subject of BIM and data interchange. Where interfaces and various file formats dominate today, we intend to increase the efficiency in the entire process through openness and interoperability.

  • Managing Director at Precast since 2010
  • Spokesman of the IFC4Precast PG - buildingSMART
  • 25 years of industry experience
    - 10 years in Project Management
    - 5 years in International Sales at Precast
    - 10 years in Software Development and in Product Management

Werner Maresch, Managing Director

Your challenges are our opportunity to become even better.

For more than 20 years, we have been supporting the success of our customers. Together, we formulate solutions, whereby it is always ensured that these experiences flow into our products. With an international team of specialists, we advise our customers comprehensively about the use of the software.

  • since 2006 Manager Support & Consulting at Precast
  • 25 years in Technical Support
  • 25 years of industry experience
Christine Mauser, Manager Support & Consulting
Innovation and constant development for you

Our software solutions grow over the years and decades with the requirements of the market. This requires innovation, as well as endurance, in order to ensure functionality and quality right down to the last detail. Our strong and motivated development team has a burning passion for the industry.

  • since 2011 Manager Research & Development at Precast
  • 25 years of software development at Precast
  • Part-time degree studies in Information Technology
  • HTL Salzburg for Electronics and Information Technology
Johannes Eibl, Manager Research & Development
be competitive

be honest

beloved to the others

As an engineer I am driven by the opportunity to develop new concepts and approaches, which optimize and simplify the design- and operating process - always with the target to increase customer satisfaction.

  • 1987- 2005 building construction static, construction of solid structures, steel construction and precast slabs

  • 2005 - 2016 sales and consulting of precast software solutions Planbar & Tim in Middle Asia and South-East Asia

  • 2017- began to be responsible for the operation of the subsidiary in Middle Asia and South-East Asia

Yousef Mesri, Managing Director subsidiary Middle Asia
and South-East Asia

So that you can plan more efficiently, I convey practical knowledge from the precast parts factory.

Passing on knowledge from practical experience is particularly important to us for our training courses. That is why we rely on experts from the industry, who have many years of experience with PLANBAR and TIM and who know all of the details about the working procedures in the precast parts factory.

  • since 2007 in Technical Support at Precast
  • 17 years of experience as a structural engineer
  • Engineering Degree (UAS) in Civil Engineering
Klaus Rieger, Support & Consulting
New technologies for your advantage

The management of TIM development means the coordination of colleagues in Salzburg, Munich and Bratislava and the implementation of bundled knowledge in the area of #, C++, .NET, Windows, SQL servers, reporting systems, communication solutions, as well as tablets and mobile phones.

  • in the concrete factory sector since 2001
  • 25 years in Software Development
  • know-how in project management
  • experience in automation technology, transport, production and warehouse logistics
Thomas Wagner, Research & Development
Our clients are one step ahead with our software!

The software plays a crucial role in the innovation process. Our solution offers our customers the opportunity to take a leading position in their industry. At the same time our software offers current solutions for the daily business via the designing- and production process from precast concrete parts.

Our wide range of products meets different customer requirements worldwide, from the engineering office to the precast concrete plants.

  • Bachelor degree in Construction Engineering
  • Master degree in Innovation Management
  • since 2005 Technical Consultant at Precast


Patrick Tops, Support & Consulting
We help you to be successful with your projects

The permanent contact with our customers enables us to always have our fingers on the pulse of the times and to provide solutions that meet current market requirements. The diverse requirements of our customers represent an exciting challenge for us, which we as a team master on the basis of our experience.


  • since 2010 in the Technical Support at Precast
  • 30 years experience in model-oriented work with CAD
  • Dipl. Eur. Ing in Zurich (Switzerland)
Jaime Crespo, Support & Consulting
Precast and BIM form an unbeatable team

We work continuously to optimize our software solutions for the BIM requirements and make the design process more efficient. Current topics like industry 4.0, information exchange between different trades as well as the data interchange become more and more important. We want to support our customers on this forward-looking way with our expertise knowledge.

  • since 2012 in the Technical Support at Precast
  • more than 4 years’ experience in the implementation of BIM processes and solutions
  • Engineering Degree (Germany) in Civil Engineering


Lingbo Ruan, Support & Consulting
We support you in implementing BIM!

I advise you during the implementation of software solutions to build a consistent process and data concept and support you, to use the added value of BIM within your company. This means you generate substantial added value along your entire value chain.

  • since 2015 at Precast
  • since 2005 in the precast concrete industry
  • 7 years’ experience as IT Consultant
  • Doctorate study in Business Administration


Thomas Leopoldseder, Product Manager TIM and Senior Consultant BIM
Your requirements flow into the development

At Precast, we take the requirements and wishes of our customers seriously. That is why we constantly develop our software, improve our solutions through our customers’ feedback and take account of technological innovations of the global leading precast parts manufacturers and industry partners.

  • in Software Development at Precast since 2011
  • part-time degree studies in software engineering since 2015
  • HTL degree in electronics and technical information technology
Thomas Teichmeister, Research & Development
Practising internationality

Skyping early in the morning with the office in Shanghai and sending licences to a new customer in Malaysia in the afternoon - that is practised internationality for me. Even at Precast itself, we have colleagues from various countries, who speak many different languages. Particularly in international customer business, knowledge of languages and intercultural skills are therefore important with us.

  • in Back Office Sales at Precast since 2013
  • 6 years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Accounting
  • Degree studies in Project Management at the Business Academy Bucharest
  • Knowledge of languages: Romanian, English, German, Spanish
Adriana Mihalache, Back Office Sales
Conveying the pleasure of efficient design

We pass on our enthusiasm for PLANBAR and TIM directly to our potential customers and existing customers in consulting. Together, we find the ideal solution for each of our customers.

  • since 2011 in Project Consulting and Sales at Precast
  • 3 years in Software Development at Precast
  • Engineering Degree (UAS) in Civil Engineering
Fabian Scheller, Sales
Achieving success in partnership

With our products and services, we offer our customers the best tools for their success. Establishing and structuring a long-term reliable business relationship in partnership with our customers is very important to me.

  • at Precast since 2011, start as Sales & Marketing Coordinator
  • further development to Sales Representative, since 2016 Sales Manager Benelux
  • 5 years Export & Customer Services in an international beer company
  • Degree studies in Graz (AT), Volgograd (RU) and Prague (CZ) with a focus on export and international business, as well as languages
Susanne Schachinger, Sales
We make your wishes possible!

We are force of proposal but we take care to develop our tools with our customer to obtain the best business solution of the market.

  • Since 2006, Consultant at Precast
  • 14 years of industry experience
Judy Guravadu-seetha, Area Sales Manager France, Support & Consulting
Prefabricated components and BIM software solutions are the cornerstone for success

The projects are getting bigger, the components are getting more complicated, while the design and production time is getting shorter. More efficient design and production is the top priority of the future.

  • 3 years’ experience in consulting and training
  • 2 years’ experience in software marketing
  • 2017 began to be responsible for the operation of the Shanghai branch
Lingjun Shen, Managing Director subsidiary Shanghai
BIM is the future of the construction industry, we are looking forward to support you in future.

BIM is the future of the construction industry. We are looking forward to support you on your way to the top. Our software-solutions offer you the opportunity to take a leading position in your industry.

  • since 2016 in Technical Support at Precast
  • 4 years of experience as civil engineer
  • Study Civil Engineering in Germany
Rizeng Fan, Support & Consulting, Shanghai
Not to be ministered unto, but to minister

The customers are looking forward to new requirements, better precast product quality and more precisely designed Models. Data exchange only in two dimension is now facing its limits: such as office internal time and job efficiency. The data exchange through BIM solution is the future. Also intelligent factories like Industry 4.0 and 3D print nowadays are leading the technology and our concept. We are team here to serve you to be a member of the Industrial leadership.

  • 4 years customer treatment experience
  • 2 years’ experience in IT and precast branch
  • study for civil engineering and project management
Yinghui Xu, Support & Consulting, Shanghai