Building Information Modeling provides digital building model data for design, planning, realisation, operation and the dismantling of a structure, which contains all of the information for a consistent process chain. In this context, we offer:

BIM platform for your precast parts­ production

  • Digital building model data for the entire precast parts area
  • Process visualisation
  • Collision check
  • Simulation of production and delivery phases
  • IFC interface to other BIM applications

Integrated Planning

The key to your success!


Our aim for integrated planning is the consistency of data and information along the entire process. From the first cost estimate, to planning, right up to the work and assembly. We stand for automatisms and utmost efficiency with series products, as well as complete flexibility and high-performance functions, in order to plan and produce challenging and complicated precast parts. And this applies to all types of precast parts. Exclude time-consuming, repeated data entry that is susceptible to errors and keep the entire procedure transparent for all participants. Therefore, our software solutions play a crucial role in the entire BIM process.



Our software solutions simplify your daily work:

  • With the model-based calculation of the SalesManager in PLANBAR, we offer the option to quickly generate conclusive quantities and measurements for concrete precast parts on the basis of architectural models or basic plans – and all without CAD know-how.
  • Our Precast Design tools in PLANBAR support you with precast parts design in any complexity. Numerous automated functions and the integrated quality assurance enable optimum precast parts planning.
  • We support the work preparation with our various TIM modules. TIM prepares the data for production, such that a smooth-running production process is ensured.

  • Optimised production is only possible if data can be simply and quickly generated for production control systems, on the one hand, as well as supporting production planning for manual production. TIM also ensures successful interaction in this respect.
  • For prompt assembly simulate the production and delivery process in TIM, thereby ensuring more efficiency on the building site. Our mobile solutions also support you on the go and on the building site with valuable and up-to-date information about the building project.