Open BIM

Building Information Modeling is comprised of all activities for generating building model data, which form a basis for all building activities, from design, to planning, right up to revitalisation or demolition. Significant activities comprise:

  • BIM processes
  • BIM organisation
  • BIM model
  • BIM technologies

Integrated planning


An efficient data exchange between different trades and software systems e.g. with external planning offices, master computers in the plant, ERP- and logistic systems in terms of Open BIM has long been a matter of fact in precast plants.

Therefore, we have been actively involved in the “BIM in Precast Parts Construction” initiative since 2011, a specialist group within the deutscher Bundesverband Bausysteme e.V., in order to develop standards and processes for the industry.

The goals include the following points:
  • Transferring data more simply and without loss between the construction participants
  • increasing the quality during the process
  • exchanging information more easily between different software systems with our interfaces
  • incurring lower costs due to fewer errors
  • achieving higher delivery reliability through improved planning




Open BIM and buildingSMART

Interoperability at the centre of the effort


As an innovative supplier of BIM software solutions for the precast concrete industry, we are member of the German-speaking chapters of buildingSMART.

buildingSMART is an international network of experts within the AEC-industry driving the transformation of the built asset economy through creation & adoption of open, international standards. The network advocates for the open data exchange and the certification of data model standards. These certifications are known as Industry Foundation Classes (IFC).

At the work group IFC4precast we are shaping actively the future standards of the precast concrete industry and, therefore, offer our customers highest skills when dealing with topics like interoperability and open interfaces according to OpenBIM.