Know-how in the precast parts industry has already existed at Nemetschek since the engineering firm was founded by Prof. Georg Nemetschek in 1963.

Our founder

“We drive digitalization and innovation for the entire life cycle of the AEC industry!”



Innovation driver and digital backbone of the AEC industry with strong global brands and customer proximity.


Prof. Nemetschek establishes the Nemetschek charitable foundation, supporting projects in the fields of training and education, science and research, arts and culture, the environment, international understanding and social affairs.


Through the acquisition of the market leader, Ainedter Industrie Automation (AIA), Nemetschek increased its knowledge about automation in the concrete precast parts industry in 1997. In 2005, the foundation of the subsidiary, Nemetschek Engineering GmbH, took place. The key function was and is the development and marketing of software for precast parts factories.


In 2015, this focus led to a consistent next step: Nemetschek Engineering GmbH became Precast Software Engineering GmbH and Allplan Precast became PLANBAR.

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Professor Georg Nemetschek
Precast Products