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Engineering Days 2020 in China

The Fourth Sino-Europe Building Industrialisation Forum 

on November 26./27. 2020

The fourth edition of the Engineering Days in China this time focuses on the following topics, among others: 

  • the coordinated development of intelligent construction and building industrialisation
  • the overall improvement of the industrial base and technical equipment
  • increasing the quality level of building security..

The topics will be discussed jointly by Chinese and foreign experts via offline and video conferences.  

PRECAST Software Engineering GmbH is also part of the event and has prepared the following interesting topics for you:


  • Perfect data, perfect precast elements
    • Even the best and most expensive machines can only perform if they are fed with the right data. In our speech we’ll focus on software features that enable precasters to ensure perfect data quality. We will look at design and detailing software, clash detection, planning and work preparation software. Also on the agenda will be IFC4precast, the new global data standard for precast production data. If you want to protect the investments in your machines by ensuring perfect data quality, this session will be valuable for you. 


  • Efficient design processes
    • The main advantage that industrialized construction has over the traditional on-site approach is efficiency. However, this efficiency doesn´t come as a given, it can only be realized if every step of the process is carefully screened for maximum productivity. In this presentation we want to focus on the “design stage” of precast projects, touching upon manifold efficiency boosters: Pre-set localized content, smart assistants and AI, automized shop-drawings as well the potential for part standardization through PythonParts technology.
Further information and opportunities to participate can be found here!
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