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PLANBAR and TIM 2021  added efficiency and ease of use

the new versions of PLANBAR and TIM

To help you design and plan as quickly, accurately and easily as never before. Benefit from improved teamwork, more openBIM, enhanced performance, added automation and much more. We're pleased to give you a sneak peak here of the upgrades:

Enhanced performance
  • “Views and Sections” up to 20x faster.
  • Very large projects load at rates up to 4x faster.
  • Title block and legends in element plans processed 10x faster.
  • The automatic dimensioning in element plans has been optimised.
  • Switch to layout editor up to 10x faster.
Perfect visualisation of curves and irregular shapes
  • We now also process freely modelable bodies with round surfaces as precast elements. The world's top modeling kernel Parasolid from Siemens ensures displaying the elements with the highest level of performance and precision.
  • This innovation opens innovative design and production possibilities such as 3D printing and carbon-concrete construction. 
Highly efficient handling of larger projects
  • Do you have large projects with numerous identical elements? You no longer have to manually change identical parts in iWall* – the BIM-BOOSTER* takes over this for you and gives you time for more challenging activities.
  • Large projects no longer have to be split up in a time-consuming process.

Advanced MEP-ASSISTANT* for even more efficient import of fixtures

  • Import MEP elements easily from other sources. MEP-ASSISTANT* transforms these into fixtures or openings. PLANBAR takes care of the adjustment of reinforcement and dimensioning fully automatically. With just a few clicks, PLANBAR generates plans, lists and production data for you.
  • PLANBAR now also processes additional MEP elements – and provides you with more flexibility and efficiency.

Model complex iWall* elements

  • With the “Dissolve Elementation” feature, you can edit individual wall elements easily as 3D elements. PLANBAR takes care of the reinforcement and dimensioning fully automatically for you – and provides reduced risk of error, more convenience and more productivity.
  • As an option, BIM BOOSTER* provides an additional productivity boost when designing complex wall elements.

Improved PythonParts functionality

  • PythonParts allows users to create 3D models using simple parametric input – enter a few values and the complete 3D model of stairs or columns is ready for you.
  • PLANBAR 2021 brings a further development of the automatic reinforcement for stairs and columns, as well as more extensive options for fixtures.


Note: * BIM BOOSTER and MEP-ASSISTANT are available as options, and are not included in the standard delivery scope. iWall is included in the WALLS package. Are you unsure which module your licence covers? Our sales team will be pleased to assist you at any time.


Improved accuracy and quality thanks to highly expanded testing system

  • In our QUALITY MANAGER module, you can now define a large number of new rules that TIM ensures users comply with.
  • Have the correct fixtures been installed or are these positioned properly? Is there an adequate number of lifting anchors for the weight of the precast part? Have the lifting anchors been positioned properly in relation to the centre of gravity of the precast part? Does the lowest precast part on the stack of a ceiling have no cut-outs so the stack does not break during loading?
  • TIM not only knows the answers to these questions but also to many other questions, and automatically generates tasks for processing. This helps to prevent errors and accidents, and protects human life!
  • TIM also supports testing in third-party systems, for example, by using automated IFC export and BCF import (= international BIM exchange format for tasks and comments).

Improved teamwork with the new TOPIC BOARD

  • In TIM you’ll find our new TOPIC BOARD – including integration with PLANBAR. Tasks and information can be generated manually, using BCF import, by other software systems or via rule infractions from the QUALITY MANAGER.
  • Depending on the application, these tasks are also available for processing in PLANBAR. As a central platform, TIM manages the authorizations for PLANBAR and TIM, as well as the editing options – a helpful new feature designed to help customers simplify and accelerate collaboration across departments.

Customized export of IFC files for greater interoperability

  • In addition to exports in the established IFC4precast format, TIM now also supports a customised IFC format. In the settings, you can define relevant IFC objects and IFC attributes of the precast elements to be exported to an IFC file. This ensures you can easily meet application- and project-specific requirements. This feature guarantees successful interaction with downstream BIM applications – for lived openBIM.

Note: Depending on your license, the above features require additional packages. You are not sure which modules your license includes? Our sales team will be happy to advise you at any time.

How can you also benefit from the new PLANBAR and TIM features? 
  • Serviceplus customers can download the new TIM and PLANBAR version directly from the Service Portal starting on 7 December. Still not a Serviceplus customer? Learn more about the benefits of Serviceplus from our CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE Service Team.
  • Our CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE Service Team will be pleased to assist you with a fast, secure upgrade.
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Our CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE Team – for your questions and support
Our CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE Team – for your questions and support
The data hub for your work
The data hub for your work
The solution for efficient operations scheduling
The solution for efficient operations scheduling
PLANBAR makes building fast and precise
PLANBAR makes building fast and precise