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is what drives us

Innovation is the secret to our success

WE bring efficiency to the construction industry

Do you often think about how you could make your company even more successful? Let us fill you in on a little secret: for us, the question of your success has driven us since our company was founded. Our engine is customer satisfaction! We want to be a part of your success – and won’t settle for less. We have been getting stronger for the past 30 years – as strong as concrete.

PRECAST Software Engineering is the global leader
  • We are specialists for precast concrete elements.
  • For the past 15 years, we have been part of the Nemetschek Group headquartered in Munich.
  • We have developed software solutions and services for the industrialised construction industry for three decades.
  • Global success thanks to our three locations: Salzburg (HQ), Shanghai, Singapore.
  • Our experts are stationed around the world.

Are you wondering exactly who we are? We are team players, pioneers and innovators in an industry that relies on stability. Our solutions enable maximum efficiency and greater freedom: Economic growth is not only our success, but also that of our customers. And that pushes us to remain number one!

<strong>PRECAST Software Engineering is the global leader</strong>

Every day, PRECAST Software Engineering takes on one of the biggest challenges of our planet: our goal is to help create living spaces for the world’s growing population. We are convinced that industrialised construction is the key. According to United Nations forecasts, we will need space for an additional 760 million people in the next ten years. Together with our customers, we create high-quality spaces where life happens – offices, residential buildings, production facilities and much more.

And we know: planners’ and the precast concrete industry’s time is precious. That is why our software solutions facilitate all planning processes – with the highest quality, speed, sustainability, affordability and security for the future.

6 million customers trust software from our parent company, Nemetschek Group. We are continuously developing. The success of our past gives us the power to keep satisfying our hunger for innovation. The solution lies in our software products for the successful planning and execution of precast concrete projects. Our software ensures maximum satisfaction. Our powerful PLANBAR and TIM software solutions offer integrated and model-based precast element design and planning with clear 3D visualisation throughout the entire process. 

CAD for industrialised construction

  • Assistants for greater efficiency
  • Reinforcement and shop drawings at the push of a button
  • 3D is as easy as 2D
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Operations scheduling and BIM management

  • 3D functions for better clarity
  • Direct access to all project information
  • Quality assured data for ERP and MES
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Data hub

  • Automated flow of information between ERP-CAD-MES saves time
  • Mobile app for optimised assembly
  • Dashboards for better decision-making
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Consulting, training, support

  • Customised training for greater expertise
  • Quick assistance with software questions
  • Greater speed thanks to process and IT system optimisations
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Advantages for you

The PRECAST Software Engineering specialists create customised solutions for your company and specific project. When a project involves various interfaces and different file formats, our specialists lend a hand and share their expertise: openness and interoperability lead to greater efficiency throughout the entire process.

  • Speed
  • Precision
  • Satisfaction

Our motivation and passion for development means economic growth for you – something our customers can confirm!

Its intelligence in providing precast solutions meets the company’s objective. Thanks to its reliability and flexibility, last-ditch modification in precast elements is achievable.
Thoo Hoi Hian, Head of Design (GIBS), GAMUDA
Unmistakably the best partner in the precast industry  

Allplan Precast has extensive abilities to modify preferences adapted to our production process. Our customized solution created more detailed reinforcement schedules adapted to our production and customer needs.
Jan Cloet, Bouwonderneming Christiaens, Project Planner
With Allplan Precast as a partner for successful growth

We see Allplan Precast as a partner who develops customised solutions for our new products and supports us with implementation in the factory.
Werner Pröll, Franz Oberndorfer GmbH & Co KG, CEO Precast plant
52% time saving with Planbar  

I can say that we can save 52% of the time comparing 2D drawings to 3D drawings using PLANBAR software.
Amelyn De Castro, Design Engineer, Robin Village Development Pte Ltd 
The Allplan Precast services create more space for our core tasks 

The Allplan Precast services prove to be extremely helpful: software updates verified via Autotests can now be carried out automatically. This saves time and minimises our risks. The greatest benefit results from the fact that changes of this kind can be carried out in addition to day-to-day business without influencing it.
 Wolfgang Gigelleitner, Franz Oberndorfer GmbH & Co KG
Unmistakably the best partner in the precast industry  

Allplan Precast has extensive abilities to modify preferences adapted to our production process. Our customised solution created more detailed reinforcement schedules adapted to our production and customer needs. 
Jan Cloet, Project Planner, Bouwonderneming Christiaens
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Our strengths: the top 7 factors for your success
Agility & Flexibility
the best solution
The 1st CAD solution
Nemetschek Group

30 years of digitisation

We are pioneers of digitisation: for over 30 years, our team has revolutionised processes in the industry.


Smart solutions

Agility and flexibility meet smart solutions and interoperability – giving our customers the greatest efficiency.

Our solutions
<strong>Agility & Flexibility</strong>

We are diverse

PRECAST Software Engineering offers a unique portfolio with the widest range of products available on the market. 

Our solutions

Systems that work together

PRECAST Software Engineering allows for excellent collaboration between systems (such as production control systems, MES and production machinery).



openBIM – for the best solutions, greatest accuracy and highest standards in the construction industry.

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<strong>the best solution</strong>

Our solution for the precast concrete industry

100% focused on the precast industry with the world’s 1st CAD solution for the precast concrete industry.

Learn more about PLANBAR
<strong>The 1st CAD solution</strong>

Part of the Nemetschek Group

We are part of the Nemetschek Group: 16 strong brands, AEC software brands and 6 million customers around the globe.

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<strong>Nemetschek Group</strong>
Who we are

We are experts in industrialised construction

A highly-qualified team of more than 50 specialists – more than half of whom are software developers and IT specialists. Plus, structural engineers and consultants from technical support and sales help take care of our customers’ needs. Trust the number one in software and service for industrialised construction.

Since more than 30 years our continuous innovation is your advantage

Together with the world’s leading precast element manufacturers and industry partners, we play a pioneering role in technology. Some of our technological development milestones include:

  • the first PC-based CAD program for ceilings
  • the first fully-automated production plans
  • the generation of production data for the first highly-automated circulation system
  • the calculation of the data and reinforcement for the first mesh welding robot in a precast factory, and much more.

We offer the perfect software solution

Technical consultation, development and support are just a stone’s throw away from one another. We can work with you to find the ideal software solution at any time. We truly stand behind our motto: “From the industry, for the industry”. Customer requests play a major role in our programming and benefit our customers through regular updates.

ALLPLAN and PRECAST Software Engineering

PRECAST Software Engineering and ALLPLAN, both part of the Nemetschek Group, work closely together to drive digitisation in the precast industry from conception through to production. This cooperation is characterised by the unique combination of PRECAST’s specialization in industrialised construction and ALLPLAN’s broadly diversified portfolio for the AEC industry.

Our close cooperation specifically focuses on maximising benefits for customers – through intelligent, networked functionalities that add time, cost and quality advantages. Together with the openBIM approach, we facilitate the interaction of the best software solutions for your specialist areas.

Our PLANBAR software solution builds upon the ALLPLAN platform – one of the world’s leading BIM solutions. In addition to the functionality of ALLPLAN, PLANBAR enables the automated planning of precast elements including reinforcement and ELEMENTPLAN creation at the push of a button. PLANBAR assists precast concrete factories in the design and planning of ceilings, walls and a number of other precast elements and brings, in addition to a 25% increase in efficiency, many further benefits. TIM, PRECAST’s operations scheduling and BIM management software, generates reliable data for production machines and ERP software.

PLANBAR’s functions, based on the ALLPLAN platform, were especially developed for industrialised construction, making PLANBAR the perfect tool to make vision and plans a reality – with the quality and efficiency that industrialised construction offers. ALLPLAN and PLANBAR feature the same user navigation which helps make for a smooth transition. Take advantage of everything ALLPLAN and PLANBAR have to offer – from BIM-based planning and flexible modeling options to precise reinforcement functions, having 3D as easy as 2D and so much more.

<strong>ALLPLAN and PRECAST Software Engineering</strong>
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Our CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE team – for your questions and support.
Our CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE team – for your questions and support.
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The network for top companies.
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Would you like to work with us? Want to be part of the PRECAST Software Engineering team?
Would you like to work with us? Want to be part of the PRECAST Software Engineering team?