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Contiga Tinglev A/S


Pioneer in prefabricated concrete elements

At its company headquarters in Tinglev, Contiga Tinglev A/S produces precast concrete elements and is a pioneer in its field in Denmark. Contiga Tinglev A/S is also the market leader in the concrete precast parts sector and has the largest concrete element factory in Denmark.

Contiga Tinglev A/S
Perfect model-based working preparation with TIM

„TIM allows us to perform model-based production planning and provides us with all the necessary information about products, components and processes at any time. At the same time, TIMalso visualizes all of the contents and provides data for production and the ERP system in an optimized form."

Karsten Rewitz, CEO, Contiga Tinglev A/S 
Production of prefabricated concrete elements

The produced elements are used for various types of buildings:

  • Detached houses
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Industrial buildings