Success Stories

What our customers say about us.

3D as simple as 2D

The modelling approach in PLANBAR is unique and can be easily adopted by CAD users. We see a lot of opportunities to increase our productivity, a lot of things can be done better by using PLANBAR, especially during the generation of shop drawings. Overall, PLANBAR is impressive.

Michael Khor, General Manager JEKS Group
PLANBAR enables us to reduce our production time drastically, increase our quality significantly and allows for a precise budgeting

Since we changed to PLANBAR, we have dramatically reduced three aspects of our design process:

  • More than 50% time savings: originally it took us more than five months to develop each building. Nowadays, we are able to finish the whole process in less than two months.
  • Quality increase and 60% less errors: due to the Software of Precast, we could reduce the lack of information or mistakes in plans to 4% in less than one month, thus reducing crucially the time of production.
  • Planning expenses: the software allows us to be very precise in the budget and control of materials used for production.


Tatiana Laguies, Project Manager, BauMax
A great tool for creating 3D-models for multiple purposes in projects

Planbar is an intelligent tool that adapts well for our precast concrete elements. The software is flexible and allows us to tailor the modeling in an efficient manner for multiple purposes. We use 3D-models for quantity data in tendering phases and generating production drawings for our factories and overview plans used at site for ongoing projects. We are very pleased with the software and their Hotline service. 

Linda Vikse, Department manager, Con-Form
TIM as central data hub

With the implementation of TIM as an integration platform, employees have more detailed and helpful information at their disposal. Additionally, we expect an optimization of the internal processes in various areas such as material management, accounting and controlling.

Dipl.-Ing. Marlies Elsäßer-Heitz, Managing Director Elsäßer Beton Bauteile
Customized software solutions and optimal support

PLANBAR has been able to provide a detailing platform that has the software customization capabilities and the support staff necessary to allow for a customized solution to a specialty product-line.

Bryant A. Zavitz, VP of Product & Process Development, Tindall Corporation
PLANBAR ranks top in our evaluation

Its intelligence in providing precast solutions meets the company’s objective. Thanks to its reliability and flexibility, last-ditch modification in precast elements is achievable.

Thoo Hoi Hian, Head of design (GIBS)
Speed ​​and flexibility are what we value when working with PLANBAR

With PLANBAR, an idea comes to a sudden speed - the idea itself and the realization flow seamlessly together. Changes and coordination with the production (eg reinforcement with stirrup cages) or with the building service providers (eg piping in the cellar) turn from routine to a creative process with the help of the 3D model. And the real estate brokers of our group are glad that all our prefab buildings are individual. (translation from Russian)

Inna Beldeyko, head of "BETOTEK project", Betotek
Precise, reliable, flexible and high-quality

We plan our projects precisely and reliably with PLANBAR. The versatility of PLANBAR allows us to draw any conceivable geometry and any high-tech component in the highest quality, no matter how complex it is.

Manuel Molinos, Managing Director, Hermo S.L. Prefabricados de Hormigón
3D modelling and designing from a single source

“We enjoy working with PLANBAR because it automatically generates reports, checks for collisions and calculates numbers of parts, concrete volumes and steel weight. All of that saves time and money.”

Michael Seah Chun Hian, Managing Director, Robin Village Development Pte Ltd
Perfect model-based work preparation with TIM

TIM allows us to perform model-based production planning and provides us with all of the information about products, components and processes at any time. At the same time, TIM also visualises all of the contents and provides data for production and the ERP-system in an optimised form.

Karsten Rewitz, CEO, Contiga Tinglev A/S
PLANBAR is the best software for us

PLANBAR fulfils all of the requirements of a concrete precast parts plant, particularly for high speed carousel systems. The software is compatible with our production machinery and is user friendly.

Panchaporn Eungrattanakorn, Civil Engineer, SCG Cement Co., Ltd.
PLANBAR as a BIM solution

We have been working with Precast Software Engineering for a long time. Using PLANBAR, we efficiently create overview drawings, as well as element plans and generate error-free data for production. With the IFC export, we can serve our customers with regard to BIM in an excellent manner.

Raimond Lotz, Head of Engineering /Project Manager, SPAANSEN BOUWSYSTEMEN B.V.
Unmistakably the best partner in the precast industry

Precast Software has extensive abilities to modify preferences adapted to our production process. Our customised solution created more detailed reinforcement schedules adapted to our production and customer needs.

Jan Cloet, Projectvoorbereider, Bouwonderneming Christiaens
Designing more efficiently and quickly with PLANBAR

“PLANBAR makes the design work easier for us, with well thought-out automation. Due to the good visualisation and precision, the error rate is low and downtime costs are minimal. If we need technical support, Precast advises us quickly and professionally.”

H.W. Erik Koekoek, Engineer, Allure Bouw
With Precast as a partner for successful growth

We see Precast Software Engineering as a partner who develops customised solutions for our new products and supports us with the implementation in the factory.

Werner Pröll, Franz Oberndorfer GmbH & Co KG, Leitung (CEO) Fertigteilwerke