Allure Bouw


Designing more efficiently and quickly with PLANBAR

“PLANBAR makes the design work easier for us, with well thought-out automation. Due to the good visualisation and precision, the error rate is low and downtime costs are minimal. If we need technical support, Precast advises us quickly and professionally.”

H.W. Erik Koekoek, Engineer, Allure Bouw

Allure Bouw

Successful with PLANBAR


Allure Bouw, a building company from Rijssen (Netherlands), specialises in customised luxury properties, which are planned in accordance with the clients’ requirements. All of the buildings are built within only a few days, from the foundation to the roof and are erected in a windproof and waterproof form, thanks to innovative precast parts planning.

Due to the flexible mode of construction, Allure Bouw uses precast parts for virtually all parts of the building. The company produces the concrete walls in its own factory and relies on PLANBAR for the planning.