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Today, buildingSMART International is divided up into individual country organisations and is represented by the buildingSMART association in Germany. The association develops open standards for information exchange and are covered by the IFC Data model for example.

With the same goal of trying to digitally collect the full planning, construction and facility management processes and make these available to all those involved, buildingSMART develops and defines standards and specifications for how related building models can be created and structured. In the initiative, leading software manufacturers in the building sector as well as research and educational institutions are represented.

Under the patronage of the association leading industry partners from the precast parts industry have joined forces to form a collaborative working group with the aim of promoting and pushing forward open data exchange in the precast parts industry. As a result of the experiences the working group gained, the IFC4precast interface was formed.

Source: buildingSMART

Synonyms: Building Information Modeling, IFC, IFC4precast, ModelViewDefinition, Information Delivery Model, BIM Collaboration Format