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plan to succeed with PLANBAR

Your Software Partner for Precast parts planning

The precast industry is booming: many factors play a major role, but it is always efficiency that guarantees success. Those who plan fastest and most reliably are the winners. When planning becomes a race against the clock, it is the right time to get a leg up on the competition. PRECAST has developed the perfect planning tool for you: PLANBAR. Benefit from the unique advantages that only the world’s #1 solution can offer.

PLANBAR advantages

Productive = PLANBAR

PLANBAR is the productivity booster for your planning department: by switching to PLANBAR, our customers achieve double-digit percentage increases. BauMax, for example, saw a 50% increase; Robin Village 52%, making them more productive with 4 people than they were with 6. 

The benefit for you: revolutionary automatism taken from practice combined with decades of experience in 3D technology. How much could your company increase its efficiency? Go ahead – find out.


Secure = Planbar

PLANBAR is the world’s #1, making it the best way to protect your automation investment. PLANBAR is compatible with all products from leading system and machine manufacturers and reliably supplies you with precise data. 

The benefit for you: PLANBAR allows you to produce high-quality precast parts efficiently and without errors.


Error-free = PLANBAR

Planning errors waste time, are enormously costly, endanger your customers' satisfaction and, in the worst cases, can lead to potentially fatal accidents or injuries. Our customers can achieve a 0% error rate with PLANBAR’s intelligent quality-assurance functions.

The result: our customers save lots of money on costly extra work, while minimising danger to life and limb.


Intuitive = PLANBAR

Switching to PLANBAR is particularly easy for employees. Thanks to our unique ELEMENTPLAN technology, logical workflows and intuitive interface, PLANBAR enables your CAD department to use the latest 3D technologies without overwhelming them with training.

What’s in it for you: with quick, easy set-up and the help of our skilled CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE Team, your workforce can concentrate fully on the job at hand.


Successful = PLANBAR

Benefit from the leading edge of the market leader and the future security that comes with it. With the most extensive development resources in the precast concrete construction software industry, we ensure that your teams get an even better tool with every update.

The benefit to you: PLANBAR is a guarantee for your success, allowing you to pull even further ahead of the competition!

Why choose PLANBAR?
Why choose PLANBAR?
  • Fast, error-free planning
  • Shop drawings and reinforcement in a single click
  • Work across systems thanks to openBIM
Working with PLANBAR
  • Save time with smart assistants
  • Packages that meet your needs
  • Precise production data

Our unique ELEMENTPLAN technology

With the unique ELEMENTPLAN technology from PRECAST your shop drawing and 3D model are always 100% synchronous. 

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Our customers are happy they chose PLANBAR

Efficiency, precision and logic are our strengths – and those of our customers. They benefit from our unique CAD solution created especially for the precast concrete industry. Customers and precast experts agree: “PLANBAR gives us massive time savings and reduces the risk of errors.”

Planbar is essential for me. The greatest relief of my work. Without Planbar, I don't want to work anymore!
Patrizia Hohlweg, Rohrdorfer Fertigteile 
Planbar is logical and easy to learn. In the background there are always the catalogues that the system accesses! All the values are recorded; Planbar has them all at all levels. This avoids errors.
Egemen Demirtas, Technical Support, PRECAST Software Engineering 
Planbar ranks top in our evaluation  

Its intelligence in providing, Allplan Precast solutions meets the company’s objective. Thanks to its reliability and flexibility, last-ditch modification in precast elements is achievable.
Thoo Hoi Hian, Head of Design (GIBS), GAMUDA
Planbar enables us to reduce our production time drastically, increase our quality significantly and allows for precise budgeting  

Since we changed to Planbar, we have dramatically streamlined three aspects of our design process: 
More than 50% time savings: originally it took us more than five months to develop each building. Nowadays, we are able to finish the whole process in less than two months. 
Quality increase and 60% less errors: due to the software from Allplan Precast, we were able to reduce missing information and mistakes in plans to 4% in less than one month, thus crucially reducing production time. 
Planning expenses: the software allows us to be very precise in the budget and control of materials used for production.
Tatiana Laguies, Project Manager, BauMax
Precise, reliable, flexible and high-quality  

We plan our projects precisely and reliably with Planbar. The versatility of Planbar allows us to draw any conceivable geometry and any high-tech component in the highest quality, no matter how complex it is. 
Manuel Molinos, CEO, Hermo S.L. Prefabricados de Hormigón 
Planbar as a BIM solution  

We have been working with Allplan Precast for a long time. Using Planbar, we efficiently create overview drawings, as well as element plans and generate error-free data for production. With the IFC-export, we can serve our customers with regard to BIM in an excellent manner. 
Raimond Lotz, Head of Engineering /Project Manager, SPAANSEN BOUWSYSTEMEN B.V. 
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Our CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE Team – for your questions and support
Our CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE Team – for your questions and support
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