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Working with planbar

Efficient, plan-oriented And flexiblE

5 reasons for our greatest strengths
Fast and flexible
Exclusively with us: 3D as easy and fast as 2D
Precise production data & reinforcement in a snap
Easy collaboration with project partners
Sales Manager: impressive quotes

You’ll be the fastest and most flexible with PLANBAR!

PLANBAR unites the quality and clarity of 3D with the speed of plan-oriented work. Creating precast structural elements with parametric input is also particularly efficient: enter just a few pieces of data and stairs or columns are automatically calculated and planned. Plus, free modeling of 3D elements offers you infinite flexibility.

Easily and quickly plan complex structural elements
  • Easy entering of existing 3D geometries
  • Parameterised, interactive input
  • Free modeling of columns, beams, foundations, stairs
  • 3D reinforcement without copying the element
Fast and flexible

The advantage of working with a focus on models AND plans: 3D is as easy as 2D

Each planning department and each planner has their own way of modeling and drawing. PLANBAR allows everyone to increase their productivity. PLANBAR combines the advantages of the three-dimensional model with excellent automated preparation of plans. This allows you to work according to your personal workflow depending on the project and its status.

  • Whether you prefer to make changes and enter data in the model or the plan – they will always be 100% consistent with one another.
  • The clever thing about our ELEMENTPLAN technology: the plan is a view of the 3D model and NOT simply a 2D derivation of it.
  • Plans are created according to your templates, including dimensions, plan head and much more.
Exclusively with us: 3D as easy and fast as 2D

Precise production data including reinforcement at the push of a button

Besides its speed, PLANBAR’s greatest strength is its precision. Our world-leading 3D kernel guarantees accuracy to a tenth of a millimeter. In addition, numerous quality rules help you to avoid errors. Another highlight of working with PLANBAR is reinforcement: depending on your specifications, PLANBAR automatically creates reinforcement – a seamless interaction between statics, CAD and robots.

Production data is optimised for your system and contains all production-relevant details.

All this helps ensure your production runs smoothly:

  • Round steel reinforcement, mesh reinforcement, stirrup mesh
  • Component libraries
  • Fixtures, fixture groups, fixture lists
  • Collision control
  • Steel and bending lists
  • Leveling and cutting equipment
  • Mesh welding plants
  • 5-axis robot
  • 3D printer
  • Connection to local statics solutions
Precise production data & reinforcement in a snap

Working with project partners is so easy

PLANBAR is open to other data formats and systems. Thanks to extensive interfaces, you can import and export plans and data in various formats (DXF, DWG, PDF, IFC, UNI, PXML etc.). We strive for interoperability with openBIM and, as part of the Building Smart International Community, we are actively involved in the development of new interface formats, above all IFC4precast.

Easy collaboration with project partners

Create impressive quotes with the PLANBAR Sales Manager

PLANBAR also helps out your sales team: The Sales Manager is the perfect tool for creating quotes, making your journey from offer to order quick and easy. The PLANBAR Sales Manager automatically determines quantities from the building model, creates lists and graphic reports and transfers the data to the calculation program of your choice.

  • Automatically determines quantity, creating a reliable basis for quotes
  • Impressive, clear 3D visualisation without prior CAD skills needed
Intelligent assistants make your work easier
  • The BIM Booster enables planning teams to work on large projects in parallel, optimising lead times and capacity.
  • The IFC-Assistant allows for easy import of architectural plans, structural design and building technology without any loss of quality. Tedious tracing and synchronisation are a thing of the past.
  • The MEP-Assistant synchronises countless imported fixtures with your catalogs and non-standard IFC objects can easily be converted into standard customer-specific fixtures. With just one large project, you can quickly save several working days annually.
  • Favorites and templates: set favorites for various projects or customers to save valuable time.
<strong>Intelligent assistants make your work easier</strong>
PLANBAR packages: the right PLANBAR module for you
Essentials Package 
Essentials Package 
3D planning made easy 

With our Essentials Package you can create the elements you need: it combines the speed of plan-oriented work with the quality and clarity of 3D. The ability to import architectural components, 3D elements or Python parts guarantees the greatest possible flexibility.

Walls Package
Walls Package
Automated wall planning

Improve your planning process with our Walls Package – a single application for different types of walls. Automated wall planning makes it possible: change elements and objects in the properties pallet by selecting a wall or element and editing its properties directly in the dialog box.

Slabs Package
Slabs Package
Automated slab Planning

With our Slabs Package you can create simple 2D polygon ceilings. Benefit from efficient 3D modeling and automated ceiling planning: the planning pallet also includes assembly parts such as lifting anchors and basic reinforcement.

Assets Package
Assets Package
Highly-efficient & intelligent precast element planning

Choose our Assets Package for efficient, intelligent and automated precast element planning. Easily switch back and forth between the applications whenever you need to. Put all the precast elements of a project together and navigate through the model to check connections and supports.

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