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TIM|FLOW digitises your precast concrete factory

For today and into the future: your data hub

The production of precast concrete elements rests on many pillars – numerous factors influence success: people, machines, materials, data, plans. Everything simply has to work right – and data exchange is crucial for this. PRECAST has developed the perfect tool for this: our TIM|FLOW data hub.

The unique TIM|FLOW solution accelerates all processes and communicates with all systems that are relevant for your precast concrete projects. Get perfect interaction between ERP, CAD, MES and other BIM applications! TIM|FLOW saves you precious time, reduces susceptibility to errors and increases efficiency.

TIM|FLOW advantages
Ready for the future

Automated = TIM|FLOW

As a data hub, TIM|FLOW automatically exchanges data with upstream and downstream systems –  exactly according to your specifications and rules. 

Your advantage: say goodbye to delayed transfers or transmission errors – and hello to saving time and money. 


Optimising = TIM|FLOW

TIM|FLOW Enterprise documents each and every step. You can immediately see which customers make a particularly high amount of late change requests.

Your benefit: you have an excellent information base and can identify potential for improvement – and make necessary changes.


Analytical = TIM|FLOW

With clear dashboards, you can make better decisions and always have an eye on utilisation, efficiency, project progress and other key figures. KPIs and clear graphics highlight any deviations.

Your advantage: if worst comes to worst, you can take appropriate measures in good time.


Mobile = TIM|FLOW

Do your employees in production and assembly still work with pen and paper? mTIM provides your teams with exactly the information they need in the production hall and on the construction site. Information is easy-to-understand, with a clear 3D model and guaranteed to be up-to-date. Any quality issues and the assembly process can be documented directly on your tablet or smartphone.

What’s in it for you? You will always be in the loop – in your office or on the road.


Ready for the future = TIM|FLOW

State-of-the-art technologies that can be easily integrated into your IT infrastructure make it possible to connect your IT applications with TIM|FLOW. This means you can use and process data from TIM|FLOW as you wish – in the background and without user interaction.

Your opportunity: digitize your precast concrete factory and processes and free up time for other matters.

<strong>Ready for the future</strong>
  • Automated flow of information between ERP-CAD-MES
  • Less time needed, fewer errors made
  • Streamlined IT infrastructure (fewer interfaces)
Working with TIM|FLOW
  • Mobile app to optimise assembly and production
  • Better decisions thanks to clear dashboards
  • More transparency with complete documentation
Our customers are happy they chose TIM|FLOW

Many departments – from commissioning to planning, production, storage, delivery to the construction site and billing – are involved in the production of precast concrete elements. TIM|FLOW makes information and planning functions available to all the areas of your company. Customers and PRECAST experts agree: “This saves time and money: when data exchange is automated, added value grows."

Tim as central data hub

With the implementation of Tim as an integration platform, employees have more detailed and helpful information at their disposal. Additionally, we expect an optimisation of the internal processes in various areas such as material management, accounting and controlling.
Dipl.-Ing. Marlies Elsäßer-Heitz, CEO Elsäßer Beton Bauteile
We see Allplan Precast as a partner who develops customized solutions for our new products and supports us with implementation in the factory.
 Werner Pröll, Franz Oberndorfer GmbH & Co KG, CEO Precast plant
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Our CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE specialists are ready for your questions.
Our CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE specialists are ready for your questions.
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The data hub for your planning.
The data hub for your planning.
Design and create: working with TIM and PLANBAR.
Design and create: working with TIM and PLANBAR.