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Working with TIM|FLOW

Access all data, models and figures – in the office or on the road

TIM|FLOW is your central data hub. It accelerates all operations throughout the entire process by automatically exchanging information with various IT systems – on your terms. The TIM|FLOW Enterprise Edition gives you mobile access to relevant data, models and figures on smartphones and tablets: from home, when visiting your customers, at the construction site, in the warehouse, on business trips – anywhere you are, online and offline.

Make the most of our greatest strengths
Make better decisions
Full documentation
Enjoy mobility

Make smarter, better decisions

In order to be able to make good decisions, you need up-to-date, complete and quality-assured information. The TIM|FLOW Enterprise Edition provides you with data for your dashboards – clearly see how your important KPIs are doing and intervene immediately if need be!

Make better decisions

Benefit from having complete documentation

The advantage for your company: each and every step of a process is clearly and completely documented – everything from approvals to changes, current status and much more. Quickly see any special aspects of a project or certain client with this full documentation. This allows you to pinpoint the potential for optimisation in your processes and create room for negotiation with your customers (e.g. additional charges due to a significant amount of approvals or rescheduling).

Full documentation

Mobile? Of course!

Turn your mobile device into an information platform and use our mobile solution for your workflow. TIM|FLOW Enterprise features its own app mTIM and gives you access to data both online and offline: a great advantage in production, your warehouse or at the construction site – anywhere you need it. Connect your stationary workplace with the mobile world! Use your tablet or smartphone to access or record up-to-date information about your projects – all with easy-to-understand 3D models.

Enjoy mobility
TIM|FLOW’s top advantages
  • Automatic flow of information between ERP, CAD, MES, BIM applications accelerates numerous processes.
  • Boost productivity for production and assembly with our mTIM smartphone app.
  • User-friendly dashboards with the most important figures help optimise your utilisation and processes.
  • Clear information platform with smart search and filter functions.
  • 3D visualisations provide a clear overview.
  • Smooth, efficient collaboration between all teams.
  • Everyone has access to the same information.
  • Immediate information for everyone involved in the BIM process.
<strong>TIM|FLOW</strong></span><span>’s top advantages

TIM|FLOW Packages

Find the perfect module

TIM|FLOW: the platform for integrating IT systems

Resting on the foundation of the most cutting-edge technology, TIM|FLOW enables bidirectional data exchange between your IT systems and TIM. With TIM|FLOW as your central data hub, you save yourself numerous technically intricate interfaces between your systems.

  • Use information from other systems for tasks in TIM (e.g. production status from MES, delivery dates from ERP) – TIM|FLOW takes care of data exchange.
  • Minimise the number of interfaces between your IT applications.
  • Comparison of information between IT and other systems with a single source of truth (SSOT).

TIM|FLOW is the productivity booster for TIM|WORK Managers and TIM Connectors.

TIM|FLOW Enterprise Edition – an added bonus

Complete documentation, dashboards and even more mobility: with the TIM|FLOW Enterprise Edition you will get even more out of TIM|FLOW thanks to the extension to mobile devices, as well as the accessibility and processing of data on the go. With mobile applications, you and other project members can work from the construction site or your smartphone, in bidirectional exchange with the stationary world back at the office. The 3D building model displays progress, changes or new parts, as well as delivery and stock levels. The Enterprise Edition brings more FLOW to your BIM processes. Seamless protocols and reporting (KPIs) are easy-to-understand. Take advantage of all this for your company!

  • Combine the stationary and mobile worlds. Use your tablet or other mobile device to get on-the-go access to information about your construction project – all in 3D.
  • Change the status of precast elements according to the assembly progress, document quality problems with your smartphone camera and work with user-defined task lists, for instance.
  • Document individual process steps seamlessly, ensuring your work steps can be clearly traced.
  • Display the most important KPIs – from project progress, feedback rounds and working hours – in informative dashboards. Localise optimisation potential in your processes and create negotiating leverage with your customers (e.g. extra charges for a significant number of approvals or changes).
  • Works perfectly with TIM|WORK Managers and TIM Connectors.

mTIM – keep an eye on everything from your mobile device

The mTIM mobile app allows you to supply your mobile device with role-specific information – for instance, for production or assembly. Create templates for user interfaces for various target groups and define which functions can be performed by which user, allowing you to cover various use cases. All of your employees will get exactly the information they need for their daily work.

  • Send data to mobile devices or define automated data transfer.
  • Work offline with mobile devices.
  • The mTIM App requires TIM|FLOW Enterprise.
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Our CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE team – for your questions and support.
Our CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE team – for your questions and support.
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The data hub for planning and organization.
The data hub for planning and organization.
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Design and create precast concrete elements.