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TIM|WORK Improves the quality of your work

Precast concrete projects are becoming more and more complex, and for this exact reason we are convinced: with TIM|WORK, projects can be executed even more safely and easily than ever before! With 3D visualization, TIM|WORK revolutionises precast concrete element processes – from operations scheduling to the generation of quality-assured production data to invoicing. At the push of a button, data is imported from PLANBAR or UNICAM. All information on precast elements – including drawings– is available to all teams and everyone involved in the project. Everyone stays up-to-date, and making changes is quick and risk-free.

What expert teams appreciate about TIM|WORK

With TIM|WORK, everyone knows what is next on the agenda. All processes are configurable. TIM|WORK provides all the important information as needed, and the status of each precast element can be called up at any time. 

TIM|WORK is your essential partner for:

  • rule-based quality assurance tailored to the customer, especially for checking production, transport and billing-related auxiliary conditions
  • surveying the entire 3D building model – even without prior CAD experience
  • easy, clear, model-based production, stacking, delivery and assembly planning
  • simple generation of IFC data and billing information
  • automatic creation of quality-assured production data including reinforcement; optimised for MES and manufacturing robots such as laser systems
  • smooth collaboration with PLANBAR
<strong>What expert teams appreciate about TIM|WORK</strong>

The top 5 advantages of TIM|WORK

  • Easy access to all information related to a project
  • Stacked quality-assured production data in one step
  • A constant eye on the status of each precast element at a glance thanks to integrated status management
  • Informative commercial data for your ERP system and IFC data for BIM applications
  • Clear 3D visualisations
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Perfect model-based work preparation with Tim  

Tim allows us to perform model-based production planning and provides us with all of the information about products, components and processes at any time. At the same time, Tim also visualises all of the contents and provides data for production and the ERP-system in an optimised form.
Karsten Rewitz, CEO, Contiga Tinglev A/S
Increased efficiency thanks to Tim 

By switching from the BFT menu to Tim, we have achieved a 25% increase in overall productivity.
Heribert Weber, Franz Carl Nüdling Basaltwerke GmbH & Co. KG
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Customized solutions for your company.
Customized solutions for your company.
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Automated flow of information.
Automated flow of information.
Interoperability opens up new possibilities.
Interoperability opens up new possibilities.
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See what our customers and partners say about us.