TIM as central data hub

With the implementation of TIM as an integration platform, employees have more detailed and helpful information at their disposal. Additionally, we expect an optimization of the internal processes in various areas such as material management, accounting and controlling.

Dipl.-Ing. Marlies Elsäßer-Heitz, Managing Director Elsäßer Beton Bauteile

Perfect model-based work preperation with TIM

TIM allows us to perform model-based production planning and provides us with all of the information about products, components and processes at any time. At the same time, TIM also visualises all of the contents and provides data for production and the ERP-system in an optimised form.

Karsten Rewitz, CEO, Contiga Tinglev A/S


The Technical Information Manager makes information and planning functions available centrally for all company divisions on the basis of 3D models. As an integration platform, it combines CAD, ERP, production systems and mobile end devices.

  • Model-based work preparation 
  • Informative process visualisation
  • Optimised production planning
  • Cross-platform integration
  • Mobile information management


Information Visualisation Monitoring

On the basis of the 3D model, all of the information at a glance with TIM.


With the aid of the clearly laid out 3D model of the building project, the work preparation can handle your tasks quickly and accurately.

The Delivery Manager module

  • offers all of the necessary information about precast parts elements.
  • enables precise stacking, visualised in 3D.
  • generates production and invoicing data, as well as required operational reports, with one click.



Concrete precast parts are subject to a design, production, delivery and assembly process. The integrated status management visualises this process for each element, thereby informing sales, project management and management about the process progress of the building project in a simple way.

This workflow can be controlled in TIM itself, as well as by external systems (e.g. ERP systems) and is individually configured according to requirements.



For production lines and manual production, the Production Manager module offers the option of carrying out table and production line allocations. Information that is accurate in every detail helps to find optimum allocation. Reports and labels can be created and thereby ensure fault-free production.



In many cases, complex processes require cooperation between various IT systems. As an integration platform, TIM is able to exchange information between ERP, CAD and production systems in a transparent manner. Several examples:

  • Distribution of project master data
  • Simulation of delivery dates on the basis of delivery planning in the ERP
  • Provision of material requirement information from the CAD for the ERP
  • Process visualisation in the 3D model on the basis of the ERP workflow
  • Provision of order information from the ERP for the CAD for precise allocation of precast parts
  • IFC export and therefore the ideal data supplier for all BIM applications



The mobile mTIM application brings the information about the building project to the building site and to responsible persons, who are frequently on the go and nevertheless want to be kept up-to-date.

  • 3D display of all details
  • status management
  • recording of assembly-relevant information
  • simply and quickly carried out on the smartphone or tablet PC.

mTIM offers the ideal discussion basis on the building site, for project management, sales and persons responsible for the building site.


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Learn more about our integration platform TIM!


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List of Features

Quick. Easy to use. Intuitive to learn.
Usable on mobile devices.


The building data and the components or precast parts are received by TIM from CAD.

  • Automatable data import
  • Model-based quality control
  • Integrated export/import interface between PLANBAR and TIM
  • Import functionalities for other data formats (e.g. UniDat)



Manage and monitor the entire process in the 3D building model.

  • Customised configuration of your working procedure
  • Change of the status in TIM or using external programs (e.g. ERP systems, mTIM)
  • Colour display of the current status in the digital 3D model
  • Global overview of the entire structure
  • Detailed display as far as the element level



The TIM Assembler offers the option to plan and simulate delivery and production procedures.

  • Prevents an incorrect sequence with production and delivery
  • Automated comparison of delivery dates possible with the ERP
  • Step-by-step simulation
  • Visualisation in the 3D building model



For the efficient manual production planning of productions lines and tables, the Production Manager is available to you.

  • Graphic visualisation of the allocation
  • Collision control
  • Freely definable production areas
  • Automatic status change after the allocation
  • Generation of required production documentation and labels



In many production processes, stacking of the precast elements is a prerequisite for an efficient production procedure.

  • 3D visualisation of the elements with or without reinforcement and installation parts
  • 3D stacking and display in up to six views
  • Production-optimised stacking using drag & drop
  • Any desired generation of stacking containers
  • Integrated collision check



The integrated Report Manager gives you total discretion to fulfil your operation’s individual requirements with respect to data content and design.

  • Any report at the push of a button
  • If required, also flexibly influenceable using input values
  • Numerous standardised reports available on demand
  • Customised design by you or us
  • Based on Microsoft Reporting Services



TIM guarantees smooth-running invoicing in the ERP system with its data interfaces that have proved successful in practice.

  • Data formats KST, ADS, ADS-XML, PXML, IFC
  • The process-controlled data transfer makes it possible to send different formats and/or content to the ERP system (e.g. for material requirement forecast, forwarding to production, invoicing)



Generate the production data in all conventional formats.

  • PXML or Unitechnik CAD-CAM interface including shop drawings
  • Individually configurable in accordance with your target systems
  • Free definition of content, file name and output directory
  • For the ERP system or directly for production



A compact overview of all product information about TIM can be found under downloads