PLANBAR is the comprehensive solution for high-quality, industrialised precast parts design. From series production right up to complex architectural elements and specialist parts. Quick, efficient, error-free.

  • Unique synthesis for model-based and drawing-based working, 2D and 3D
  • Reliable data provision for production
  • Efficient design of highly complex components
  • Consistent data transfer
  • Automated creation of Shop Drawings
Efficient CAD drawing

Efficient CAD drawing is our strength

PLANBAR is the CAD solution specifically for the precast concrete industry. 

PLANBAR combines the advantages of three-dimensional models and excellent drawing preparation. This way, you can work depending on project and status, as required by your personal workflow. You work in 2D and generate 3D!

Regardless of whether it is slabs, walls or façades - PLANBAR supports you with all planar precast parts using well thought-out functions and specialist automation.

For the efficient design of complex precast parts, we have specifically developed the iParts® module. On the one hand, through the use of parameterised components, PLANBAR achieves the highest efficiency. On the other hand, through the acquisition of architectural components or freely modelled 3D elements, PLANBAR offers the utmost flexibility.

The reinforcement is a highlight in PLANBAR. Depending on your reinforcement specifications, PLANBAR automatically generates the reinforcement. This guarantees a seamless interaction between statics, CAD and robots.

PLANBAR offers an ideal and unique synthesis of model- and drawing- oriented work. Because the Elementplan module solves the task of automatically creating production documents from a model with geometry, reinforcement, fixtures and a lot more. This means that you can work on the drawing in 2D and that the 3D model is automatically adjusted in the background, whereby PLANBAR naturally ensures that the model and drawing remain consistent. After all, production documents are still of great importance, this is why our customers appreciate our time-tested software solution.

PLANBAR is open for other data formats and systems. Through comprehensive interfaces, we enable the import and export of drawings and data in various formats (DXF, DWG, PDF, IFC, UNI, PXML etc.)

List of features

All strenghts at a glance - PLANBAR can do that

Video: PLANBAR iParts

The iParts module combines the speed of 2D with the quality of 3D in working with structural precast parts


Video: PLANBAR Sales Manager

The SalesManager offers you the opportunity to quickly and securely complete convincing offers. It calculates volumes and quantities automatically from the building model, generates lists and graphic reports and transfers data to a commercial calculation programme.


Video: PLANBAR High Rise Building

PLANBAR: Ideal Synthesis of 2D Drawing and 3D Modeling



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